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Our company

Today, our image based project has become consolidated and is immersed in an internationalisation process. With a friendly and fun image, we want to arouse emotions and be a part of the people's daily life. Click on the "Play" button to learn more about us.

Our values

Our customer is the senses, we seek to arise emotions and sensations through technology.
We are the alternative to the leading brands in the sector, offering quality products at incredible prices.
Share your pictures, enjoy your favourite music or even a film, this is the main objective of our products. Make your day even easier and funny, this is our goal.
What do we offer?A safe and good purchase
PromotionsDiscover great offers and discounts in our promotion section and save money with every purchase.
Web integrationDo you run a Online shop? We give you all the tools, so you can integrate our catalog in your shop with ease.
Marketing toolsWe know that a creative marketing campaign means success. That is why we provide you with everything you need to drive new customers to your shop.
Order processingCreate and manage your orders with just a few clicks.
Inventory controlObtain real time information for available products and the product arrival.
NewsWe inform you about the latest news, product lauches, new prices or marketing campaings. Everything you need in order to drive new customers to your shop.
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